Long time no see

So. Life. It’s been a busy, what? Year and a half since I’ve posted to this blog? I wonder if this post shall be viewed at all with how long I’ve been absent, ha!

But I’ve had my reasons. College and depression and college. And depression. Funny thing about college – it leaves you very little time to pursue your passions! Funny thing about depression – it leaves you very little want to pursue your passions. The car would drive but there’s just no fuel in the tank.

Well, having graduated recently, that’s one item off the list. I am now Martin Mateer, B.S. Though that really sounds pretentious when worded that way. Still, I can’t help but feel at least a little bit proud – even though I do my best to not be prideful. Hopefully one day I can come back saying I have my Master’s degree, or – dare I dream it – my Doctorate?

Anyway, just thought I’d check in with you all. On a final note – I plan to get back to writing quite soon. It might not be on a rigorous schedule, but it will be here. I hope you will be too.


Gentle flakes of frost gripping frozen poles,

While biting air chews through your skin, 

To your bone, 

And gnaws a little longer. 
Lightless nights with stars hidden behind clouds, 

The moon unwanting to be stirred, 

As hazy snow comes crashing to the ground. 
Some nights in winter 

Make warmth seem foreign and bizarre.